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From the Test to the Testimony Reviews

Once you start reading you want to continue on to see what the next life's experience will bring and how God has changed their lives when they leaned and depended on Him.

~ Geraldine

This is a powerful book filled with God's anointing. This book did show me about the love and forgiveness of a loving God. I applaud all the strong women in the book who shared their testimony. It is a 'must read' for anyone unsure if God does listen and answer prayers. ~ Amazon Reviewer

When I received my book, what started as a quick glance through turned into reading through each woman's story. I could hear their individual voices and every feeling within their testimonies. This is a "must read" to see God's work and reflect on the work He's doing in our own lives. ~ Miranda

The book is a tearjerker, motivational, and inspirational!

~ Sherry

This is a 'must read' for women (and men) struggling with this thing called 'life'. A for real 'page turner' that takes you through a range of emotions from holding your breath, laying prostrate on the floor, to laughter. I promise, you will identify and find similar experiences with all seven of these brave women, either personally or within your family or circle of friends. But, they all found one common thread - Jesus! What a mighty testament to the God we serve! ~ Darlene, Amazon reviewer

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